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By | April 21, 2019

Hey guys! I have come with a different app in this article. This is not a typical app about movies , games etc,. which we share here in this blog. Are you guys interested in hacking? Do you guys want to do some hacking? Then, you are in a massive luck today. I have come with this app called ZAnti app for Android which will let you do some hacking. ZAnti is basically a penetration tool kit. ZAnti allows you to perform malicious attacks on network. Lets see more about zANTI apk and how to download zANTI apk for Android latest version 2019 in your Android device and install it.zANTI apk

What is a penetration App?

Penetration app is basically an app which will let you penetrate into some network or a device. This is basically hacking. You can use these ZAnti kind of penetration apps to penetrate maliciously into any network and steal a lot of things. These kind of hacking apps are illegal and are not allowed in playstore. This is why we come into the rescue by giving you the ZAnti apk along with a lot of information about the app.

Introduction to ZAnti apkzANTI apk

ZAnti app is one of the penetration apps available in the market. Using the ZAnti app you can do a whole bunch of hacking using a lot of techniques. You can do hacking by penetrating into the other networks. You can hack by creating your own network and making people connect and use your network. ZAnti is obviously an illegal app which is why you will not find it in playstore. Nevermind, we are providing that to you along with its details and how to use it. In further sections we will see the deep dive into ZAnti functionalities and how to download ZAnti apk for Android latest version 2019 , use it. Let’s jump in!

Features of ZAnti Android app

As you already know, ZAnti is a penetration app. I have also mentioned the steps to download ZAnti apk for Android latest version 2019

1. It is used to perform malicious attacks on networks.

2. You can change your device MAC address.

3. You can create a malicious WIFI HOTSPOT.

4. You can exploit routers, audit passwords, create and run an HTTP server on your Android device.

5. You can scan a device for open ports.

6. Perform man  in the middle attacks.

7. Check the device for shell shock and SSL poodle analytics.

If you want to skip the details ZAnti, you can jump into the steps to download ZAnti apk for Android latest version 2019 section at the end.

How to change your device MAC address using ZAnti?zANTI apk

Open ZAnti, swipe left and then select max change. Then, tap on set new MAC address. This will change your device MAC address to a new random address. If you want to change your MAC address to a specific one, just turn off the generate random function and then you will be able to edit the current WIFI MAC address. After editing, just tap on the set new MAC address. There you go! You changed your MAC address successfully using ZAnti app.

How to create a malicious WIFI HOTSPOT in ZAnti?

Open Zanti and you should see a lot of options in it. Select the option called zTether and then on the tether control. That’s it! Then let other people use your WIFI HOTSPOT. if they do, you will be able to control and hijack their device traffic. You will be able to view all  the HTTP Requests, hijacked sessions. You can view all the images that are being transmitted on your network modifier requests and responses. You can also redirect HTTP requests to HTTPS requests. ZAnti allows you to redirect particular HTTP requests to particular IP. You can replace images in a webpage. Capture downloads in the sub downloads. You can insert HTML into the webpages.

If you want to see all the HTTP request made by the users on your network, just tap on the first view option. You can get more details about a particular request by tapping on it. If you want to hijack an HTTP session, just tap on a session. It will open up victims session on your device. if you want to see all the images that are transmitted on your network, just tap on the second viewers.

If you want to modify HTTP requests and responses on your network, select see packet editor and turn on the function. You will see live requests and responses there. If you want to edit a particular route goes to respond, swipe it to the right after the edit you can tap on the send button. If you want to redirect a https to http10 on the SSL strip. Please not that the website using HTTP strict transport security are immune to SSL strip attacks. If you want to redirect all the HTTP traffic to a site or server, tap on the setting icon and enter the URL. Turn on the redirect HTTP function. If you want to replace website images with an image of your choice, tap on the setting icon in the replace images section and select an image. Then turn on replace images function.

If you want to intercept and download all the specified types of files to the SD card, tap on the setting icon in the capture download section and select the file type. Then, turn on the captured download function. If you want to replace a downloaded file with a specified file, tap on setting icon in the intercept download. Select a file and turn on intercept download function. If you want to insert a specified HTML code into webpages, tap on the setting icon and then enter the HTML code and then paint on the insert HTTP function.if you are looking for steps to download, jump into the steps to download ZAnti apk for Android latest version 2019

How to exploit the router vulnerabilities?zANTI apk

First select It will open a site and then select your router from your list. You will see many rated run local and remote exploits. There are a lot of ready to run exploits and I have to do is click on the title.

How to find Open ports on ZAnti?

First select the device IP and then tap on scan. You can change the scan type and you can even execute the script and you can execute a script in the scanning. You can also check the target device for vulnerabilities. After configuring scanner, just click on go pay for completion and then tap on scan . Let’s see how to download ZAnti apk for Android latest version 2019.

Steps to download ZAnti apk for Android latest version 2019?zANTI apk

  • Download the app from here :  zANTI apk
  • Check the Download path and Open the apk file.
  • Click Install option to proceed installation.
  • No need to anything while installation. it will finish installtion automatically.
  • Once installation completes short cut will appear on screen.
  • Open the app and enjoy by watching your favorite movies and Shows.

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My final review of the ZAnti appzANTI apk

Zanti app is basically a hacking app. Needless to say it is awesome. You can do a lot of tricks like creating creating a malicious WIFI HOTSPOT and stealing someones data by making him connect to the WIFI. You can do you own custom actions by running your scripts. I will say ZAnti is a must try app.

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