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By | August 30, 2019

So, you are looking or a free or cheap ways of watching live TV ,TV Shows or movies. You hit a jackpot today. Redflix TV isn’t just the app which provides movies or TV shows. It is kind of a all in one app. In Redflix TV ,you can watch movies, TV shows, live TV of different languages for free. All entertainment in just one app. We will see everything about the Redflix TV apk and how to Download Redflix TV apk for Android and use it. Let’s jump in!Redflix tv apk 1

What is a Redflix TV app

Redflix TV is like one of those apps like Netflix, Amazon prime, Hotstar etc,. But, Redflix TV is free. It provides provides almost all the kind of entertainment like movies, TV shows. It also provides a live TV channels of various countries for free. Redflix TV comes with movies, TV shows, Live TV. All these are categorized based on various categories like country, genre etc,. All that for free! you may wonder how? They make money by the adds they display.

Features of Redflix TV apk

On the home screen, when you open the app, you will find the movies that are recently added, TV shows from various mediums like hotstar, netflix etc,. Live TV that comes with a lot of channels related to sports, news, entertainment etc,. All the categories like Genre, Country etc,. Redflix TV also provides entertainment from various languages like Hindi, Telugu, Chinese etc,.

In the home screen right when you open the Redflix TV apk , it shows a lot of movies suggestions. These movies are based on the popularity and how recently they are released. It also shows few recommendations of the Live TV channels. Live TV channels of different types like sports, news, movies etc in different languages like Hindi, Telugu, Urdu etc are available in this recommendations.

Lets see all the menus we have in Redflix TV appRedflix tv apk 1

Settings menu

The settings screen is a fairly straight forward and simple screen. The settings menu can be found in the main menu. Clicking on it, it will open a screen which shows options to set notifications and all details about app. The details about the app like App Version, Terms & Policies, Copyright, Contact information like Website, telegram details are displayed in the screen. There is an option to set push notification. Push Notification basically means, it will send an alert or notification to your mobile whenever a new movie or tv shows etc,. is added in the Redflix TV app.


Clicking on the country menu will take you to a screen in which it displays a lot of categories. There are a lot of categories based on country, state, region, language etc,. You can find a lot of categories like International, USA, Japan, Nepal, Tamil, France, German, Asia, China, Korean, Thailand, India etc,. Clicking on any of those categories will show you the movies related to that particular category. Clicking on the category let’s say USA will show you all the holly wood movies which are primarily based out of US. These movies are ordered based on the recently released and popularity. It is mix of both.

Live TVRedflix tv apk

Live TV is one of the features which makes the Redflix TV standout of the currently available similar apps in the market. Redflix TV app gives you all the live TV channels for free. It has a wide range of channels like sports, news, entertainment, movies etc,. It has channels from a lot of languages. You can click on any of the channels and start watching. The buffering is relatively slow. The app is very fast and optimized. There are a lot channels spanning in various languages and types.


Movies is fairly or almost similar to the country menu. Clicking on movies it will show you a list of movies in the order based on the popularity and how recent those movies are released. There are a lot of movies available in this app. You can find all the newly released movies here. The new movies won’t be of a great quality because of the obvious reasons. Please be cautioned that the new movies are theater print. So, they won’t be that clear. On clicking on any movie, Redflix TV shows you the video player where you can play the movie, The movie details like the format of the movie, description of the movie. The details of the movie like genre, when the movie released, the director, cast and crew. The overall experience of the movie is good. The buffer time is not much.

Below the movie details, It also shows the other recommendations of the movie based on the movies you are watching. Below that there is comment section. You can comment about the movie there and also find the comments of others about the movie. You can watch the movie in a full screen.

TV ShowsRedflix tv apk

The most favorite part for everyone. TV Shows are what people want the most in these kind of apps. The main reason is, not every app will have all the TV shows. If you have a premium account in one app, you need to buy membership for the other app as well to watch the show you want. Why to buy anything or any account in any app at all when Redflix TV app is giving them for free. How are they giving all for free you ask? They make money through the adds. So, you no need to pay but just watch the adds completely.

The TV Shows section will show you the list of TV series ordered based on the popularity and how recent they are. Clicking on any TV show will open a screen which has a player to play the show similar to the one in the movies. Perhaps the same player, so you can expect it to perform good. It also shows details of the TV Show. It’s briefing, all the details like summary , director and the list of seasons available. You can click on any of the season and watch it there itself .


The Genre is very similar to the country menu. It shows you a bunch of categories clicking on which you can select and watch movies you are looking for. The movie player is also very good.

Steps to download Redflix TV apk in your Android devices

  • Download the app from here : Redflix Tv Apk
  • Check the Download path and Open the apk file.
  • Click Install option to proceed installation.
  • No need to anything while installation. it will finish installtion automatically.
  • Once installation completes short cut will appear on screen.
  • Open the app and enjoy by watching your favorite movies and Shows.


Similar apps

There are a lot of similar apps available in this blog. App like Newest movies, Hulu  etc,. All these apps are very good and got their own unique feature. If you are a movie lover, TVseries lover, Redflix TV app is a must try app.

My Final Review of Redflix TV apk

Redflix is really good. If you are looking for Netflix, Amazon for  a cheaper price or free, Redflix TV is the one for you. Redflix TV. It has a lot of TV channels, moviews and TV shows. All of those things are absolutely free. Please give Redflix TV a try and comment below you experience.

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