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By | April 7, 2018

Hey fellas! I’m back with another Android apk which as usual is awesome. One of the great news about Android since the announcement of Andoid 5.0 Lollipop is the feature called Factory Reset Protection. This feature provides a lot of security to your phone. Factory Reset Proctection feature is capable of protecting your private data and also helps you find your misplaced phone. So in this article I’m gonna share about an android app called FRP Bypass . You can also download FRP Bypass apk for Android Latest version.

What exactly is Factory Reset Protection?

Factory Reset Protection is one awesome feature added to Android by google since Android version 5.0 Lollipop. The main purpose of this feature is to provide more security. This feature is to help you protect your phone from being used by others without your permission. I mean if your phone got stollen or someone tries to reset your phone , It will ask for credentials of the last registered google account.In one way this is an extremely usefull feature which improves your mobile security. The only set back is, When someone buys a second hand phone from someone and want’s to reset the phone. He cannot . He has to know the credentials of the last registered account in that device. This feature could be really useful if you have good knowledge of it else if could be nothing less than your nightmare.

Introduction to FRP Bypass apk

As we discussed, The Factory Reset Protection feature brings in a lot of security to your mobile data . But It also comes with one alarming problem. What if the he/she forgets the google account credentials prior to the hard rest of respected devices? very problamatic right? To overcome this shortcoming of Factory Reset Protection feature, we have FRP Bypass android app. FRP Bypass helps you in restoring your phone. The majority of FRP Bypass android app involves in getting into phone’s settings so that you can wipe or erase the data which includes the Google credetnials as well. Let’s see more details before we download FRP Bypass apk for Android Latest version.

What exactly is FRP Bypass Android app

As we discussed earlier, FRP Bypass app is to bypass the Factory Reset Protection feature of your android mobile and unlock your phone. FRP is a protection measure that is coming in many Android smart phones these days. This is used to protect your mobile data from being erased by other people without your knowledge. Thus providing security to your mobile data. When it comes a scenario that you forgot your google account details and you want to reset your phone. You need to somehow bypasss the FRP protection. This is exactly where FRP Bypass Android app is helpful.FRP Bypass app is used to deactivate the lock. This will help to completely remove the lock from any android device. To get started First thing you have to do is obviously download FRP Bypass apk for Android Latest version.

The FRP lock is actually introduced by google to protect user data. This lock automatically activates when a hard reset of factory reset  is performed. FRP Bypass provieds a way to bypass this lock.

When do you need FRP Bypass app

When you are done with the factory reset and you want to access your phone. You are supposed to enter the gmailid and password.

Incase you forgot  your gmailId or password, you don’t have to worry . FRP Bypass apk is here for your rescue.

How to use FRP Bypass app

Inorder to use the FRP Bypass app, you have to learn completely about it . You need FRP Bypass app when you forgot gmailid or password of your gmail account and want to access the data of your mobile. This app is very easy to use and serves the purpose quite well.So first thing you have to do is download FRP Bypass apk for Android Latest version.

FRP Bypass apk download in 2018 for Android

Downloading and installing FRP Bypass app is not very complicated at all.Your are required to have following.

1.USB Drive


3.OTG Cable

How to Download and Install FRP Bypass app.

  1. Click here to Download FRP Bypass apk for Android Latest version in your PC
  2. Transfer the application to USB Drive
  3. Connect the other side of USB Drive to OTG cabl

How to Bypass FRP Lock with FRP Bypass app

Now let’s talk about using FRP Bypass app. There are various ways you can use this app. But we will see one best way to use this.

As we discussed already you need to have OTG Cable, a USB drive and a PC.

  1. First step is to download FRP Bypass apk . You have to transfer the file to USB drive.
  2. Put it on your device and connect it to OTG cable.
  3. Turn on your android device follow the intial setup. Once you see google account verificatino screen at this point.
  4. Select the application and install it . during the installation of it , you will see a warning message on your screen.This might block the installation of the apps from unknown sources.
  5. No need to bother about it. All you have to do is go to your device settings and enable the option to unknown resources
  6. Once this is checked , The installation of the FRP Bypass apk will be started .
  7. Now you can Factory Reset your phone to remove the previous synced Google Account completely.
  8. After everything you will now be able to access the new google account form the intial setup of your phone.

Performance of the FRP Bypass app

FRP Bypass app is quite good. The UI of the UI is simple and elegant . You , doesn’t matter which background you come from, you should be easily able to use it once installed.

This app is completely free . There are no in app purchaces. There are no adds. All these features of this app are quite awesome which make it must use one if situation demands.

This app is android app. so all you need is an android phone and you can get started.


Years google has been trying to improve its users security , experience etc and out of which FRP is one. This FRP is good. It provides security . The only reason is if you forget your credentials , there is no way you can reset your phone. I have used FRP Bypass app once and gotta say I’m quite impressed . It is simple , elegand and fast. If you are in a similar situation , this is a must try app. So today download FRP Bypass apk for Android Latest version and have an awesome time.

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