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By | March 27, 2018

It’s apk time!!. Yo, welcome to my blog. I write about all trending and awesome apps new in market. Today I’m gonna share about a new awesome app called Freeflix HQ, which is an android app. Freeflix HQ is android app which let’s you watch movies online, tv shows online and also live tv. You have seen a lot of apps like which provide similar features but what is special about Freeflix HQ app? Freefix HQ apart from providing  Movies, TV Shows it also provides Kids, Anime and even Live TV! Inside Live tv we have various categories like sports, USA, UK and a lot more! So why late ? download Freeflix HQ apk for android, Freeflix HQ apk

What exactly is Freeflix HQ app?download Freeflix HQ apk

Freeflix HQ app is primarily to watch movies, tv shows online. Apart from providing movies and tv shows, it also provides features like kids, anime, live tv in various languages.

Deep dive into Freeflix HQ app:download Freeflix HQ apk

As soon as you open Freeflix HQ app, you will be directed to the screen with a lot of movies. You can search any movie of your interest. You can see all the information of movies like trailer, rating, genre, storyline , cast etc.You can select any movie and then you can select quality of the movie you wanted to watch. You can also download any movie in any format you want. Firstly, you have to download Freeflix HQ apk for android, firestick.

How to Download and Install Freeflix HQ apk on Android:download Freeflix HQ apk

  • Click Here to download Freeflix hq apk for you mobile.
  • Once downloaded , just open the download list on your file manger you can see the  Freeflix hq apk file
  • Open the apk file and its ask to install you ant select the install option then it will finish installation process automatically you no need to do any thing to install.
  • One intsallation process completes the short cut file will appear on home screen. open that file and you are ready to use  Freeflix hq apkdownload Freeflix HQ apk

Alternative Apps for Freeflix HQ APK:

Cartoon HD

Bobby Movie BOX

Morpheus TV


TV shows and other features in Freeflix HQ apk :download Freeflix HQ apk

You can watch a lot of tv shows in this app in the quality of your choice. You can dowload them offline. Just when a new episode of any tv show is aired it will be available in Freeflix HQ app. Infact it tracks the tv shows that you are watching and notifies you whenever a new episode of that show is released. It is the same with movies as well. Whenever a new movie is released , you will be notified so that you can watch it then itself or later.

WWE and ANIME in Freeflix HQ apk:download free flix hq apk

Yeah, you heard me right. In Freeflix HQ android app, you can watch WWE and ANIME in this app. There are a lot of other android apps in the market which contain movies and tv shows. I bet none of them have WWE shows. You can catch all the latest updates and episodes of WWE and ANIME in Freeflix HQ. You can schedule any movies or shows and watch later. It will remind you your favourite shows. You can watch trailers as well . Every movie and tv shows, you can watch their trailer, rating , genre, brief description etc . It even mainains the history of the shows you have watched. You can even add your favourites into a tab called favourites. Before everything make sure you download Freeflix HQ apk for android, firestick, xbox

Live TV and build-in player with subtitles  in Freeflix HQ app:download Freeflix HQ apk

You can watch different m3u channels in LiveTV. Here you can watch the channel of your choice. It lists down the the shows in the order for you. You can stick with bullet-in channels. Freeflix HQ also comes with it’s own build-in player which lets watch the shows in the app itself. This player also shows or reads the subtitles while playing the video, which is extremely cool. You can even customise the player in the way you want.So download Freeflix HQ apk for android, firestick, xbox

Freeflix HQ  is fully optimized for android tv and firestick. It also comes in xbox, which is really cool.

My take on Freeflix HQ app and download Freeflix HQ apk for android, firestick:

download Freeflix HQ apkI have used Freeflix HQ android app. It is really cool. The quality of the movies and tv shows are really good. The buffering time is relatively less . If you are a fan of WWE or ANIME , this is a must try app for you. Please download this app and give us your review in the comment Freeflix HQ apk for android, firestick, xbox



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