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By | July 19, 2019

Hey music lovers! Welcome to my blog! In this we share information about the latest and awesome apps that are new in the market. If you are a music lover like and looking for an app which is more user friendly and easy to use. This is the app for you. Deezer app is the latest music app released in the market in 2019. The latest app must come with something which the already existing apps are not providing. So, you no need to wonder if the app is better than the already existing apps in the market. In this article, we are going to complete information about Deezer app and how to download Deezer apk for Android latest version and install it in your Android device. Let’s jump in.deezer apk

What is a Deezer apk?

Deezer app is like one one of those music apps like Amazon music, hungama, spotify etc. Deezer app provides you the music for free and you can also have a paid account. All the latest and old songs are made available in the app. Along with the music, there are a lot other features like lyrics, genre wise categorizing the music etc in Deezer. This is very convenient and user friendly app which you must try. Let’s see all the features the Deezer app has and also see how to download Deezer apk for Android latest version .

Basic information of Deezerdeezer apk

Deezer is a french company. It started around in 2006. It is a competitor for Spotify company which is a bit bigger than Deezer. Deezer has about 40 million licensed tracks which is great!  Deezer provides both free and paid services. Deezer has about 6 million paid customers. You can use the app for free but trust me it will be very annoying with all the adds. Deezer paid service is very good.

Features of Deezer appdeezer apk

The main screen of Deezer shows the music in various categories. It categorizes the music based on various categories like Rock, Romantic, Christmas, New etc. All these categories are generic and will shows same to most of the people. It also shows the other playlist based on your interests and the kind of music you would listen. Deezer tries to show you the music which you are may look for based on the songs you listen and your interests. It tries to find the people of your interests and suggests you the music based on that. Please jump to steps to download Deezer apk for Android latest version to go to download section directly.

1. Music recommendations in Deezer app

Deezer is a bit of clever in recommending the music. You can easily add any song as your favorite by clicking on the heart symbol next to the song. You can even dislike the song. Liking or disliking the song will help in recommending the songs to you. Based on the songs you like and songs you don’t like, it will analyze what other users with similar taste of music are listening and recommend the same to you. Adding a song as a favorite will also help you in easily accessing the song again and also create a playlist of your favorites.

2. Creating playlists in Deezer

Based on your interests and the music you listen, Deezer creates a playlist for you. This playlist is created by analyzing the other users music with similar interest in music. So, you will have the songs which you might not want in your playlist. You can download Deezer apk and install it by following the steps below . If you keep skipping the song, it will automatically remove the song from the playlist. This is a very good feature considering how annoying it will be when the song which you don’t like keep popping up in the playlist. You have to keep pressing the skip button.

For every song you play, there are two options to like and dislike the song. This will Deezer to create a customized playlist solely for you. To find any song you are looking for, you can either search for that song in the search bar. You can search based on the song name, Album name, artist etc. You can either search for the song in the recommended playlist. The playlists are categorized into various categories. You can filter based on the category.

You can create a lot of playlists along with the playlists Deezer recommends you by default. You can add any song to any playlist by clicking on the add to playlist and select a playlist. You can either create a new playlist and add the song into it. You can just click on the heart, Deezer will add the song into your favorite list. You can find all the playlists at one place in the my music.

3. Listening to the music offline in Deezerdeezer apk

You can jump in to steps to download Deezer apk for Android latest version. You can listen to any playlist offline as well. All you have to do for this is to enable the download option in my music. Deezer will download all the songs automatically into your device so that you can listen to that playlist offline. You can even create a playlist based on the artist. Deezer provides an easy way to get the lyrics. All you have to do is tap on the mic button below the song. It will display you the lyrics of that song at the same place.

4. Sharing the music with friends on Deezer

You can share any song you like with your friends through facebook, whatsapp etc. Just like a normal text message, you can share your music very easily. All you need to tap on the options button of each song and click of the share option. You need to select the app through which you want to share your app. You can go to your profile and find all your favorite songs, playlists, downloaded songs etc at one place.

Deezer also shows you the podcasts. Deezer streams a lot of kinds of podcasts which you can listen and have fun. This is very convenient with all the music and podcasts at one single place. You can play the podcasts in the app itself.

Steps to download Deezer apk for Android latest version

  • Download the app from here :  Deezer apk
  • Check the Download path and Open the apk file.
  • Click Install option to proceed installation.
  • No need to anything while installation. it will finish installtion automatically.
  • Once installation completes short cut will appear on screen.
  • Open the app and enjoy by watching your favorite movies and Shows.

The other Android apps you might like

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My final review of  Deezer app for Android

Deezer is pretty much a good app. It recommends music quite intelligently and the paid service is quite good. The lyrics option is also quite good.Please download Deezer apk in your Android device and give it a try.

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