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By | November 21, 2018

Hey guys!! wassup . You are here , that means you are one of the vast Android users family . Android is so big that there are you like using a lot of Android apps in your Android mobile or tablet etc,. There comes a many situations in which you would like there should be a quicker way to access some thing in your phone. For example , When you open some setting in some app too regularly and you wish there was a way you can access it quicker instead of going through that app and finding that setting etc,. This app is for you . We are here with Quick shortcut maker apk for Android mobiles , tablets etc ,. We will also show you how to download Quick shortcut maker apk in your Android device and use the app. Let’s dive in.Quick Shortcut Maker Apk

Why Quick shortcut maker apk for Android devices?

Like I said , many times you would be using some feature in an app very often. So , you wish you could access that feature a bit faster instead of going through all the lengthy procedure . This is exact situation you need Quick shortcut maker app . Many times you would install a lot of apps and would run out of memory . You would have a very less internal memory and a lot of external memory. You wish to use external memory instead of internal memory for the apps. Your search ends here . Quick shortcut maker app serves just the purpose . Using Quick shortcut maker  app you can move some of your android apps which are installed in your internal memory to external memory. I will tell you how to download Quick shortcut maker apk  app in your Android device and use it.

What can Quick shortcut maker  app do?Quick Shortcut Maker Apk

There are a lot of awesome functionalities Quick shortcut maker  apk does . This is a very useful app for any Android user. Let me tell you what all Quick shortcut maker app can do .

  •  Quick shortcut maker app lets you create shortcut for any running process in your device . So that you can access it just by one click.
  • It wont just allow you to create shortcut to apps. It will let you create shortcut to any hidden setting in any app. So , next time you want to open any hidden setting which requires a tedious procedure . You can simply create a shortcut to that hidden setting using Quick shortcut maker  app. You can access any setting just by clicking it.
  • This app allows you to access any feature of any app without lagging and very fast.
  • It won’t just allow you to create a shortcut to any setting or feature of any app. It also allows you to search among those created shortcuts and access them easily.
  • The other awesome thing about Quick shortcut maker  app is , it comes with a launcher. A launcher which let’s you search any app and open it instead of scrolling through the apps , searching for it.
  • This launcher helps you to search your created shortcuts. Using this you can not only access any feature with a shortcut but also access the shortcut with a simple search.
  • It comes with three tabs in the UI . These tabs comprises of activities , apps and favorites . You can use these tabs to search your desired app or shortcut by giving input keyword incrementally .
  • Quick shortcut maker app launcher allows you to create widgets also . You can create widgets and add shortcuts to those widgets . This makes the access of those shortcuts even easier .

Steps to Install/ Download Quick shortcut maker apk:Quick Shortcut Maker Apk

  • Click Here to Download Quick shortcut maker apk.
  • Once the file is downloaded go and check the file in download location.
  • Open the file and it will ask to “install“.
  • Click the Install option to proceed installation.
  • While file is installing , we no need to do anything it will complete the installation process automatically.
  • After completing the installation process App Shortcut will appear on screen.
  • Open the app and start to use it.Quick Shortcut Maker Apk

How to use Quick shortcut maker  app?Quick Shortcut Maker Apk

First you have to download the Quick shortcut maker  app as per the steps mentioned in the below section . Once the download of the app is done , you open it and start the installation . Give all the required permissions to the app during the installation process and finish it . Once the installation is completed , open the app . You should see a launcher kind of application with three tabs . The names of the tabs should be Activities , Applications , Favorites . Quick shortcut maker apk download link is also provided in this article.

These three tabs consists of the various features or services of your phone. You can use the incremental search above those tabs to find the application or service you want and access it easily . Now , search for any service and open it by clicking on it . Once clicked , it will straight open whatever feature it is and whichever application it belongs to . This is really cool and helpful right . It also displays the hidden running settings of any application .

Quick shortcut maker app basically takes every process or thread that is running in your Android device and gives you control to those . It is basically like Task Manger in Windows with additional features like being able to open it from the app itself . This is very useful app . It will save a lot of your time and it is very useful . So , you better download Quick shortcut maker  apk and get started.

Are there any cons in Quickshortcutmaker app ?

Well, we have seen a lot of awesome features and advantages of the Quick shortcut maker  app . Are there any disadvantages or crons of this app ? Unfortunately , yes. It comes with its own disadvantages as well . Quick shortcut maker  app is developed by sika524. This app certainly comes with a lot of awesome features but developer says “use it at your own risk” . He is not taking any responsibility for any thing that happens to your phone when using the app. It is giving access to a lot of secret process and giving a way to create shortcuts for those process . This may lead to any other effects like breach or something and create bugs.

So you better learn well all that could possibly happen when using this app and then start using it. Side effects in the sense , you will end up accessing some hidden service of some application . That application may not want you to access it hence may create some unexpected reactions. You better check this first and then start using it.

Step to install Quick shortcut maker apk in your Android mobile , tablet etc,.


My final conclusion of the Quick shortcut maker app [apk]

If you are like full technical or kind of a geek and use your Android phone a lot . This will be very useful to you , This will give you kind of admin access to your phone. You can just play around with your phone using just this application. The downsides of this app are also not that one should be ignored . So , you better keep this in mind and decide whether to install or not . cheers!!


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