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By | August 12, 2018

Hey guys!! welcome to my blog. Are you looking for awesome android games? Are you a racing games fan? You have reached your destination. This blog is full of awesome android apps with the apk file available. In this article am gonna share about a racing game android app called Earn to Die 2. This is an awesome racing game with unique challenge. In this article am gonna share everything about Earn to Die 2 app and also going to provide Earn to Die 2 apk for Android.

What is Earn to Die 2 gameearn to die 2 apk download

Earn to Die2 game is a racing game. It is a 2D racing game. In this game player has to drive through a post apocalyptic waste land plagued by obstacles and zombies. The most interesting thing about the games is gasoline scarcity. The gasoline is very scarce here. You have to drive through while not just fighting the zombies but also have to fight the gasoline.

Game plot of Earn to Die 2 game

The game starts with a big crusher kind of vehicle which is convenient to crush all the zombies and break down all the obstacles. You have to start your game, drive through very fast and good control. You will be jumping around from one road to another so have to show a lot of control to do these jumps successfully. You can use the turbo as well which you can use this to do big jumps and drive fast. Many times because of the pace at which you drive many times you will flip the car and the game ends. You have to avoid all the obstacles and jump through very carefully.

How to play Earn to Die 2 game wellearn to die 2 apk download

The game is all about driving through fast. The three main things that come in your ways are killing zombies, jumping through obstacles and be careful with gasoline. Many times the car goes upside down when you jump through and drive on obstacles. To tackle this you have to show awesome control of your car. But to tackle gasoline, you have to be careful. You have to drive while keeping the gasoline in mind. After every level you will earn money based on how you played the game. You can buy the gasoline when you reach any petrol bunk.

Strategy to handle the obstacles of the game

To beat the Zombies, all you have to do is drive fast. Just drive over them very fast and you can kill all the zombies. Tackling Zombies is not a big deal. You have a gun attached to you car in the front. You can shoot the Zombies with those guns during the drive. All they do is walk at you slowly and will jump on you. There will be lot of zombies walking at you, attacking you. You can shoot them all with the machine gun during the drive. This really awesome part of the game.

Jumping through the birdgesearn to die 2 apk download

In this game you have to drive through very fast. At this pace, you will be lterally flying in the air in the car. The car is also in such a way that it will bounce when it lands from big heights. Here, you have turbo as well. You have to use the turbo quite carefully. Turbo isn’t just about driving madly. You have to use turbo very carefully. You can use turbo cleverly while jumping from one road to another. Turbo is also a limited resource, so have to use it very cleverly.

Tackling gasoline scarcityearn to die 2 apk download

Gasoline is very important in this game. Gasoline is very scarce and the only way you have to deal with this is upgrading the vehicle very cleverly. After every level you will get good money. You have to use that money to upgrade the vehicle and fill the gas at gas stations. You have to keep upgrading the vehicle so that it consumes less gasoline. So to do this, you have to have a lot of money. You can earn money by finishing the levels. More money will be awarded, if you finish the game very well. So the better you play the game, more money you earn. More money is more upgrading of the car and more gasoline. So play well and use the money cleverly.

More about the Earn to Die2 game

This game initially starts with a map. You will have to drive though the map which going through a lot of obstacles and levels. The game ends when you finish the entire map. Do not for get about upgrading the car. It is very important to finish even more difficult levels that will come as you drive through the map.

Steps to download and install Earn to Die 2 app in Android deviceearn to die 2 apk downloadearn to die 2 apk download

  •  Earn to die 2  Click this link to download the game.
  •  Check the downloaded file from download location.
  •  Double click to Install the Game.
  •  Click  the “Next” option and then click the “install” to proceed installation process.
  •  No need to do anything once installation  process begin , just wait for few minutes to complete installation.
  •  Once installation process completes you can see the app on home screen in your device.
  •  Just open the game and enjoy. earn to die 2 apk download

Note :  In case Game is installed but game is not loading then please update “Google Play Game” from Playe store.

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My review of this Earn to Die 2 game earn to die 2 apk download

Earn to Die2 game is a very good racing game. It’s not just about driving fast. It is about playing cleverly and managing your resources cleverly. If you are a racing game lover, you have to try this game. Personally, I loved this game. You also give it a try and Please share your feedback, queries in the comment section.


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