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By | January 1, 2019
Drastic ds emulator Apk

Whats up gamers!! In this article am gonna introduce to you an awesome nintendo emulator called DraStic DS emulator for android devices. DraStic DS is a very good performing emulator. In this I am going to tell you all about the DraStic DS emulator . I will also show you how to download DraStic DS emulator apk in your Android devices and use it. Lets jump in!

What is an Emulator?

Drastic ds emulator Apk

To the hardcore gamers Emulators are not new . An emulator is a software which provides environment to another software for it to run. It is like, consider there is a software which is not supported by your machine to run it. Then, you need to get an emulator which can run this software and install it in your machine. Likewise, We have a lot of emulators for Playstation games etc,. DraStic DS emulator is one of such emulators.

DraStic DS emulator is a high speed NDS emulator. DraStic DS emulator for Android allows you to play all your NDS catalogs with rich user experience. DraStic DS emulator is quite fast with very less buffering. Still you need to ROMs to play your games. DraStic emulator doesn’t come with any ROMs. You need to download the ROMs yourself and can play those in this Emulator. You will also need to download DraStic DS emulator apk in your Android devices.

DraStic DS Emulator for Android

Drastic ds emulator Apk

DraStic DS emulator is developed by Exophase. It is developed to play Nintendo games on your Android phones. Like all the Emulator DraStic Emulator also comes with a bunch of awesome features to improve your Nintendo gaming experience. DraStic improves the graphics of your games. It improves the sound , speed of the overall game. This comes various kinds of interfaces. DraStic has two kinds of modes called Portrait mode and Landscape mode.

DraStic DS emulator comes with more awesome functionalities like providing way to improve or increase the speed of the game. It also provides you a way to fast forward the game if you want. You can also skip the back stories in the game. This specific feature is very helpful. Considering no one wants to watch the story lines more than once . DraStic DS emulator allows you to skip all these boring story lines and also fast forward them , if you just want to watch the highlights of it.

Saving game in DraStic DS emulator

Drastic ds emulator Apk

Drastic DS emulator allows you to save the game in many ways. You can save your current game in anywhere which is convenient to you. You can save it in Google Drive, local memory, external storage, your card etc,. You can easily give the location of the saved game in the DraStic DS emulator and continue playing the game from where you left

Easy cheat codes in DraStic DS Android emulator

Every gamer now and then needs cheat codes. Cheat codes are fun and awesome. You can simply unlock all the awesome features of the game with those cheat codes. Traditionally, you will have to search for the cheat codes of some game and use it. How about the game do that for you? Awesome, isn’t it? DraStic DS emulator provides you way to download the cheat codes of the current game and use it. You can download cheat codes of almost all the Nintendo games and use them.

Drastic ds emulator Apk

Like any other emulator. DraStic DS also provides a lot of ways to twist and tweak the old Nintendo games . Along with providing the already existing awesome game features, it also adds extra features like skipping the boring stories, downloading the cheat codes etc. This is easily a must try emulator for Nintendo games. You need to download DraStic DS emulator apk .

List of Features provided by DraStic DS Emulator for Android

I am summarizing and listing below all the awesome features that DraStic DS Emulator brings.

  1. DraStic DS emulaor for Android is quite fast and optimized.
  2. It improves the speed of the game.
  3. It improves the Graphics of the game.
  4. It provides modes like Portrait and Landscape.
  5. You can easily save your games. You can save your games anywhere and load them from anywhere.
  6. It provides easy way to download the cheat codes.
  7. You can skip all the story videos.
  8. You can fast forward the game during the play.
  9. Moreover, this is supported by a  lot of latest Android OSs .

You can use DraStic DS emulator apk in following Android operating systems

  1. Android Marshmallow
  2. Gingerbread
  3. Honeycomb
  4. Icecream Sandwich
  5. Lollypop
  6. KitKat
  7. JellyBean

Alternative Android Emulators for DraStic DS emulator

Drastic ds emulator Apk

If your current game isn’t supported by Drastic DS emulator. If you are not satisfied by the emulation of your Nintendo game by Drastic DS emulator. If you are looking for emulator for different games other than Nintedo . You can check other awesome emulators available. download my boy apk is a very good emulator to play old GBA games in your Android device. 

Steps to download DraStic DS emulator in your Android device

  • Download : Drastic DS Emulator apk
  • Once Downloading is completed , go and check the file location.
  • Open that file and Click Install Option to proceed the install process.
  • No need to do extra while installing , it will complete install process automatically.
  • After completing installation process you will get the app on your mobile screen.

My final words about the DraStic DS emulator

Drastic ds emulator Apk

Needless to say, I have had an awesome gaming experience with DraStic DS emulator. I have installed in my Android phone and played a lot of old classic Nintendo games. My over all experience is satisfactory. The emulation is fast . You must try the DraStic DS emulator for sure. Download DraStic DS emulator by which I mean download DraStic DS emulator apk in your Android devices right away and start playing the Nintendo games. Please share your experience with us and our followers in the comment section below. Checkout other awesome and very use full apps we publish in our blog . Cheers!!

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