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By | June 15, 2019

Plenyut apk is the latest android app in the market. So, are you someone like me who is not satisfied with the money and want more money in rather easy way? You are at right place! Plenyut is an app which is used to earn some decent money in your part time. I am a tech enthusiast and would like to share my knowledge through this website. This is the first time I am sharing about an earning app. In this article, I am going to share information about what a Plenyut app is. How to Download Plenyut apk v1.0.1 Android v1.0.1 in your Android device.plenyut apk

What is an earning app(Plenyut app) and how to Download Plenyut apk v1.0.1 Android?

There are a lot of Android apps which let’s you earn money by giving some tasks. Most of the apps are legal and Plenyut is one of those. There are a lot of apps which pay you when you watch their adds, do their surveys, participate their quiz etc,. Plenyut is one of those apps which pays you by asking you to finish few surveys.

Plenyut app has a lot of surveys which contains questions for you to answer and submit. For each survey you finish, you will be credited with some amount which you can later convert to money after certain amount. we will show you how to download Plenyut apk v1.0.1 Android below.

How is Plenyut app paying?plenyut apk

Plenyut app is simple. You will be asked to do some surveys. When you answer all the questions and do their surveys, they will share that survey details with their clients. Their clients are the one who pay the money for each survey. Plenyut app gets some percentage of that money and you get the rest amount. The amount of money you earn is directly proportional to the number of surveys you do.

These surveys are being conducted by different companies, organizations, agencies, and individuals who are doing some research and looking for information. If you are keen in earning money online, you can use Plenyut app and earn good amount of money just by answering a bunch of questions.

Different ways of earning in Plenyut apkPlenyut apk

Plenyut app provides you with two ways of earning money.

1. filling the sureveys

2. Inviting your friends to Plenyut

First you need to download Plenyut apk v1.0.1 Android . We have already seen how to earn money with surveys. How the surveys will pay the money online. These surveys are fine way to earn money. But, the money you get for finishing one survey is relatively very less. You need to do a lot of surveys to earn a decent amount of money using Plenyut app. This is when you can try the second option , refer your friends to Plenyut.

Inviting friends to Plenyut apkPlenyut apk

We can invite friends to Plenyut app and earn money after they accept our invitation. You will have an invite code which you need to share with your friends. When your friend joins Plenyut using that link, You will get good amount into your account. Your friend who joined using your invite link also gets some amount. The amount you will get this way is way more than the amount you will get through the surveys.

The best part about the Plenyut app is , it is very simple and less size. The size of the Plenyut is about 2mb, which is so less. You can easily download Plenyut app and use it without bothering about any thing about performance, safety, security etc,. The only downside with the app is, you can use this app only in Indonesia. Unfortunately, Plenyut app is only for Indonesia. So, people from other countries can find any other alternative app for earning money online.

How to Redeem money earned in the Plenyut app?

Plenyut app is a rather good or easy way of earning money. But, how are you going to use that money you earn in the Plenyut app? To use the money earned in the Plenyut app, you need to first earn redeem the money. you can get credit card, gift vouchers, data, pay bills using the Plenyut app. You can redeem simply and use it as a normal money.

Steps to Download Plenyut apk v1.0.1 in your Android devicePlenyut apk

  • Download the app from here :  Plenyut apk
  • Check the Download path and Open the apk file.
  • Click Install option to proceed installation.
  • No need to anything while installation. it will finish installtion automatically.
  • Once installation completes short cut will appear on screen.
  • Open the app and enjoy by watching your favorite movies and Shows.

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My final review of the Plenyut app

Plenyut app is quite good. You have to download Plenyut apk v1.0.1 Android. You can make a few quick bucks using this app which is of size hardly 2mb. The money you will get for each survey is low but you can earn money depending on the number of surveys you finished. If you are interested in this kind of money earning ways, you should definitely check the Plenyut app right away.



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