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By | April 8, 2019

Hello guys! Welcome to my blog. I am back with another awesome Android app. If you are a movies freak or like to watch a lot of TV series, this is for you. In this article am gonna share with you about an Android app by which you don’t have to buy any subscriptions for any TV cable etc. You don’t have to pay for anything. This app you can watch , download all movies, TV series etc for free in your Android device. Let’s dive into how to download Phoenix TV apk latest version Android 2019 and use it in your Android device. We will see everything about Phoenix TV app.

Phoenix TV apk

What the heck is a movies app?

Warning!! Most movies apps are illegal. It is because, Netflix, Amazon etc will get the rights from the video owner and make it available for its users in their app. These apps are not like that. These apps publish pirated movies or videos mostly. Even if they publish original videos, they don’t make any agreement with the owners of that video.

Now coming to what this app. These apps are basically apps which will just stream some data to your device. These apps mostly stream movies, TV series . Apps like this provide all its content for free. This is the reason these apps are not legal and not available on Playstore. Nevertheless, these apps are super awesome and will save you a lots of money. Why would they that content for free? They make their money based on the adds. So please don’t use any Add blocking apps in your phone. Please encourage these developers.

About Phoenix TV app for Android devicesPhoenix TV apk

Phoenix TV app is one of many movies apps available in the market. If you remember, terrarium TV app is like a monster in the world of movies apps. It used to be the most popular movies app available in the market. Due to whatever reasons, that app had to shutdown, which opened doors to a lot of new movies apps. A lot of apps have come since it’s shutdown. All these apps have come with their own unique awesome features. Phoenix TV app is one of those apps. We will show all similar app later on. In this article will see completely about Phoenix TV app.

Features of Phoenix TV appPhoenix TV apk

Phoenix TV app is quite simple. It comes with a simple UI. Nothing complicated about it. It simply has 4 screens mainly. 1. Movies, 2. TV Shows, 3. Downloads, 4. Settings. The UI looks more or like Morpheous TV app . You first download Phoenix TV apk latest version Android device and install it. Open the app and see the following features.

Clicking on movies button will take you to Movies screen. It has buttons like

1. New HD Release,

2. Popular ,

3. Search,

4. Favourites,

5. Watchlist.

Clicking on “New HD Release” button will take you to all HD movies. It will have movies sorted based on the date or release. You can watch any movie for free completely. You can watch it by movies the movie in there itself. You can chose your favorite media playing app to play the movie. You can add the subtitles there it self. It is very easy to watch movies that too with subtitles.

Clicking in Popular button will give you the trending movies. It will show you movies by sorting them based on the trend.

You can search any movie you want in the search bar. You can add movies as favorite and watch them later easily. You can directly go to the favorites tab and play movie from there. All you have to do is add the movie you want to watch to favorites.

If you don’t want to maintain favorites, You can use Watchlist. If you want to add or create a list of movies which you would like to watch or don’t want to miss. You can add these movies into Wathlist. It is a very easy and simple way of maintaining the movies you want to watch later. You can find similar feature in Youtube as well. download Phoenix TV apk latest version Android 2019 right away to experience better feature

In whatever tab you are, when you open any movie any movie, it will show you its synopsis. Phoenix TV will show you the synopsis with rating of that movie at one side. It will show all the links using which you can watch moives on other side. This is very much similar to the old Morpheous TV app. Its users will find Phoenix TV quite convenient. Before everything you need to download Phoenix TV apk latest version Android 2019 in your Android device.

TV series on Phoenix TV android appPhoenix TV apk

Like you can watch the movies so easily in Phoenix TV app, you can watch lot of TV series. You can watch all TV series for free and it is quite easy to use. All the options which I mentioned above for movies are available for TV series as well. You can see Favorites, New Release all in this app. It is very convenient to use.

How to Download and Install Phoenix TV apk latest version Android 2019

  • Download the app from here : Phoenix Tv apk
  • Check the Download path and Open the apk file.
  • Click Install option to proceed installation.
  • No need to anything while installation. it will finish installtion automatically.
  • Once installation completes short cut will appear on screen.
  • Open the app and enjoy by watching your favorite movies and Shows.

Similar apps which provides you movies, TV series, Animation, Cartoon etc for free.

Here is the list of notable android apps present in the market which you might find it useful.

My final review of Phoenix TV app for AndroidPhoenix TV apk

Who wouldn’t want to save money? Who wouldn’t want great quality videos or movies for free? If you are the one , you must try Phoenix tv app. This app provides movies and TV series at great quality that too for free. Why late ? download Phoenix TV apk latest version Android 2019 asap in your Android device.

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