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By | July 17, 2019

Hello guys!! Are you looking for an app which gives you the entertainment for free. Are you someone like me, a movie freak looking for a free ways of watching all the latest movies? You have reached your destination. There is a brand new app in the market app for Android which does exactly the same. In this article I am gonna share complete information about how to download NEWFAST.TV apk for Android Latest Version and use it.

What is apk?NEWFAST.TV apk

There are a lot of apps out there like Netflix, Amazon prime, Hotstar etc which provide movies, tv shows etc. But these services are not free. You need to pay some amount every year or month based on which app you are using. Then comes the apps like, which provide all the movies and TV shows for free. In case you are wondering how gives movies and tv shows for free, They earn the money through adds. These apps will display adds and earn money through them based on cost per click. By the way, these apps are not so legal . This is why you won’t find these in google playstore. You need to Download NEWFAST.TV apk in your device by following the detailed steps below.

Features of apk

The basic feature of app is providing movies for free. You can watch all those in the same app. is mainly for Chinese people. It also provides a lot of US TV shows. has the following options in menu in it.

  1. Account
  2. Index
  3. Movie
  4. Drama
  5. Variety
  6. US Drama

First you need to go into Account and set your preferred language. provides two options English and Chinese. If you chose Chinese, it will show only English shows. If you select Chinese, it will display the Chinese shows. You can also find a lot other settings in the Account menu.NEWFAST.TV apk

In index, you can find all the categories of the TV shows and movies based on the language selected in the account. It shows all the trending TV shows and movies based on the language that is configured in the Account settings. There is a search option using which you can search for the TV show you are looking for.

In the same tab you can find links to various genres like IN, Action, War, Comedy, Science, All. There are also a lot of categories of movies like Romance, Plot, Thriller, Anime, Teach, All. Cartonese, US, CN, HK&TW, JA, All. Here it will show all the different kind of movies in all those categories. It will show the latest released movies in all those categories available.

If you want to just go the steps to Download NEWFAST.TV apk . In the movies tab, you can see the movies in different categories. It will show all the genres available and also show the latest movies in each of those categories. You can click on any of those movies to watch. Once you click on any movie, you can see options like Play, Favorite, Introduce. I also shows you the similar section in which it shows all the similar movies. You can click on the play button to watch the movie. The favorite button is to add it in your favorite list. The app is very fast. The movie loads in not time and plays without much buffering.

On the left pane, you can scroll through various things like History, Favorites, All, New, Cartonese, CN, HK&TW, E&U, JA, KO etc. You can just click on any of those genres to find the movies of that particular genre. You can click on the all tab to find all the movies without any  buffer. You can click on the history button to see the list of all the movies you have watched.

You can filter the movies based on the country. There are various options like IN, KO, US etc . When you click on IN, it will show only the Indian movies. Clicking on KO, shows Korean movies. Clicking on US shows US movies and so on. You can select the country and to see the movies based on the country.NEWFAST.TV apk

There is another section called US Drama. This option is nothing but TV shows. You can find all the TV shows and with episodes. It shows all the TV series including the one from Netflix. In the first screen like in movies it will show the most popular TV series. Below that it will show the TV shows based on various categories. Again, you can either go through the categorized list of TV shows to find the TV show you are looking for or you can just filter the TV show based on genre. You can download NEWFAST.TV apk for Android Latest Version

You can download NEWFAST.TV apk for Android Latest Version. You can click on any TV show and will see similar page like the one in movies. You will find the similar section, which will show the similar TV shows. Below the TV series, you can find the numbers which indicates the episodes. You can click on any of the number to watch the episode you want. You can click on the favorites to add the episode as your favorite. You can click on the introduce button to see the introduction or brief info about the show.

At the top of all, you can find a search window. In that search window you can search all the TV shows or movies. You just give the name of the movie, TV show or genre you are looking for you. It will find it for you. To find all the seasons of a TV show, you need to search in that search bar with the name of the TV show.

Steps to Download  & Install NEWFAST.TV apk for Android Latest Version

  • Download the app from here : apk
  • Check the Download path and Open the apk file.
  • Click Install option to proceed installation.
  • No need to anything while installation. it will finish installtion automatically.
  • Once installation completes short cut will appear on screen.
  • Open the app and enjoy by watching your favorite movies and Shows.

Similar apps available in the market

Similar to app, there are whole bunch of apps available in the market. Apps like bobbyhd movies apk, newest movies apk etc are available in market. Each app has it’s own pros and crons. You can download them to check those out.NEWFAST.TV apk

My final review of  NEWFAST.TV apk for Android Latest Version is great. I haven’t seen any app letting me filter with country. This should tell you what kind of diverse collection of entertainment must be having in it. app is fast and has a lot of options. I personally highly recommend app for you to try. Please download NEWFAST.TV apk for Android Latest Version let us know your experience with in the comment section below.

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