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By | April 7, 2019

Hello guys! Welcome to my blog . I am a tech geek and in this blog I share about the latest and useful apps and technology available in the market . I have published articles about a lot of awesome Android apps. You check them out in this blog. In this I have come with another awesome android app . If you are a movie , tv series geek, this app is a must try Android app for you. In this article, am gonna share everything about the hulu apk and how to Download hulu apk latest version 2019 in your Android device . how to use hulu app? let’s jump right in.hulu apk

What is a Hulu app?

Hulu app is basically an app which lets you watch movies, tv series etc in this app. You all know the pain involved in getting local cable tv. It is very time consuming and hectic. First you have to call the company and tell them that you want to subscribe for it. Once that is done, some representative from that company comes with his equipment and install the setup. Then, if any issue comes, you have to call them up and wait for them to sort your issue. The whole process with a cable is very time consuming and hectic. Here is where the internet based services come into the picture. These internet based ones are very simple. You just have to install their application in your device. You have to buy an account and use it normally. The other main hectic thing is while cancelling the service. If you want to cancel a cable service, you have to call them and ask them to de-register. They don’t usually cancel it so easily. They will try to convince you and irritate you as mush as possible. With internet based service , it is fairly straight forward and simple. So, needless to say why you need to use the Hulu app right away. Especially , if you are using a local cable , you have to try hulu app in your Android devives.

With Hulu , you are going to own the devices yourself. You are not going to have the people come and install something in your house and run wires. Because, you are just going to use your internet connection. The important thing to note is, you do have to have an internet connection for this to work. You don’t necessarily need WIFI. You can plug it directly with and ethernet cord. But I do recommend using that WIFI option to limit the amount of cords that you have running  around. But again like I said, you can install this yourself. This is very easy. You just going to need one  of the following devices . You can follow below steps to Download hulu apk and use it in your Android device.hulu apk

Android phones and tablets (Android 5 or higher)

Apple TV (4th generation)

Fire TV and Fire Stick

Iphones and Ipads ( IOS 10 or higher)

Xbox one and Xbox one S


How to use Hulu apk?

Soon you open the Hulu app, you will see the options like Channels, ADD-ONS, Devices, Pricing, FAQ, LOGIN, Start your free trail. For a $39.99 a month price, you will get access to all the channels listed there. If you want to cancel, you can cancel it yourself from the app it self. You don’t have to call Hulu etc ,. You don’t have to send them any equipment back because that equipment is yours. You don’t have to have the installers come to your house. It is that easy. There are a hell lot of positives with internet based services over local cable operators. You should definitely try Hulu. Go on and Download hulu apk in your Android device.hulu apk

What kind of plans do Hulu apk have?

Limited Commercials plan:

The limited commercials plan costs $7.99/month. You can enjoy unlimited access to Hulu library including full seasons of exclusive series, current episodes, classic favorites, Hulu originals , hit movies, kids shows, and tons more with minimal commercial interruptions.

No Commercials plan:

The No Commercials plan costs $11.99/month . You can watch your favorite shows on any of your favorite devices. You can watch full seasons of any of your exclusive tv series, current episodes, classic favorites, Hulu originals , hit movies, kids shows and a lot more with no commercials interruptions.

Hulu with Live TV:hulu apk

The Hulu with live TV plan costs $39.99/month. It is free for a week. You can watch all your favorite Hulu originals, current or old episodes of all your favorite tv series, kids shows and a lot more . You can cast it in any streaming device. You will get access to all the Hulu library. You can watch everything with minimal commercials.

Hulu with Live TV(No commercials):

The Hulu with Live TV(No Commercials) costs$43.99/month. You can watch all the Hulu library, watch all the old and latest episodes of your favorite tv shows etc, You can basically do anything that comes with the pack Hulu with Live TV but with no commercials. This is awesome right? You can cast all your favorite shows in any of your streaming devices and enjoy. All you have to do is just Download hulu apk  and install it in your device. No waiting for some guy to come and setup etc for you. This is so fast and convenient over the local cable.

Before you go to any plan, make sure you read the terms and conditions very well. Not all shows are add free. Most of the shows are add free. This is probably because few shows may not have agreed with no commercials.hulu apk

For live tv, the channels you will get is based on your local area. You need to enter the zip code and check if the live tv is available for your area. If your area doesn’t have the live tv , then you are in bad luck. You won’t be able to enjoy the live tv .

You can search your their with your zipcode and see all the livetv you can get. Same things holds through playstation, xbox etc,. all your devices.  It will show you all the channels available to you categorically. You can watch them in any of your favorite devices.

You have to keep checking in Hulu app about all the devices they are supporting. They keep increasing their support to other devices.

Other awesome apps to watch movies and tv series for free

if you are a movie geek, please checkout other awesome apps available in our website. Here are the apps. You can watch all the content these apps for free.

Steps to Download Hulu apk and install it in your Android devicehulu apk

  •  Click here to download the apk : Hulu apk.
  • Go and check the download path for file.
  • Open the file and click install button to proceed installation.
  • No need to do anything , Installation process will complete automatically.
  • Once installation process is completed Logo will appear on home screen.
  • Enjoy the app.

My final review about Hulu app

If you are a local cable user, Hulu app is a must try. It is very good and convenient over any local cable. if you are looking to watch movies and tv shows for free, then I may not recommend Hulu app . There are other apps which will provide all those for free completely . You can check those out in our website. But got to tell you , Hulu app is very better over local cable. With Hulu , all you have to do is Download hulu apk .


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