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By | September 8, 2018

Hello guys!! am back with a new awesome Android app. Are you a regular user of social networking? Do you like using smileys, Emojis etc during your conversations? You have reached right place. Bitmoji app is just for that purpose. In this am gonna share with you everything about Bitmoji, how to download Bitmoji apk and how to use it.

Why Bitmoji app?

In the real world we communicate with Facial expressions and spoken words. In the messaging world you rely on tiny text bubbles and the occasional emoji. We have lost that warmth, that human touch until now. Bitmoji brings back that human touch kinda entity into the messaging world. Bitmoji lets you create your own stickers and share them in any messaging app.

What is Bitmoji?bitmoji apk

Bitmoji app is an android app. Its basic functionality is it lets you create your own customized emojis. It will have few cartoon characters already, You have to pick one cartoon character and replace its face with yours. That’s it. Your cartoon character or emoji is ready. You can now create various emojis using that cartoon character and share it in any messaging app. You can create all sorts of reactions using your own cartoon. So it feels like you are actually reacting in the conversation instead of a plane old boring reactions. Hence bringing in that human touch into the conversations.

More about Bitmoji Android appBitmoji apk

Not just creating your cartoons, you can create reactions with those cartoons. Creating your own reactions in the sense, you can first create your own cartoon and put it in various scenes and expressions. After creating your own digital cartoon of your self, you can pick one from various scenes and expressions and send it to a message. This seems more expressive than emojis and plain texts. By the way, emojis are not actually animated like me. Why late!! download Bitmoji apk for android and try right away.

Bitmoji- booming sticker businessBitmoji apk

According to Bitmoji Co-Founder, “Whole families use Bitmoji to communicate now. Teens, parents, grandparents, everyone”. Making a Bitmoji like me is free. But it’s all part of a booming digital sticker business. Line, a popular messaging app in Japan says it makes more than $20 million dollars a month from sticker sales. The sticker buying trying to spread around the world and with new Apple’s new messaging store it is exploding. There are stickers in sale from an independent makers artists.

Its actually so easy to make one from Apple’s new messaging store. I made one of my own. And then there are the celebrity stickers. Like Kim Kardashian’s “Kimoji”. $2 buys you all sorts of stickers. And she keeps releasing more packs for 1$  a piece. According to Sensor Tower, Kimoji is set to make more than a million dollars in revenue this year. Big brands like Burger kings, star bucks, KFC all offer there own sticker packs. They are free. So you will do the advertising for them. Your Bitmoji can appear in movie and TV scenes.Download Bitmoji apk right away.

How to use Bitmoji app and create your own emojisbitmoji apk

First you need to Download Bitmoji apk and install the bitmoji app into your Android device. As soon as you open the Bitmoji app, you will be prompted to create your own avatar. Setting up your own avatar is very easy. Below are the steps to follow.

  1. Select the hair style for your avatar. It shows a bunch or awesome hair styles.
  2. Select your eyebrow. You can select eyebrow from list of eyebrows available and also you can change the color of the eyebrow.
  3. You can select your nose and mouth from the available nose and mouth options.
  4. You can select eyes with eye details little wrinkles or a lines love lines.
  5. Set your cheek with details like facial lines and then blush if you are a female. You can add a little bit of eye shadow and lipstick, if you are a girl.
  6. You can add eye glasses, sun glasses etc.
  7. You can also add some sort of head gear and obviously the build of your body.
  8. Once creating the body is done, next comes the clothing and styling.
  9. You can select your wardrobe and pick your clothes. You can also select various costumes. There are a lot of costumes available like superheroes, superwomomes, animals etc.
  10. Next thing you have to do is, go to the bitmoji. Down the bottom you will see the star escalation mark, the love mark and the smiley face.
  11. You can select various comments. For example, if you are about to do exercise, select the one which looks like running on treadmill and it looks like you are going for a jog.
  12. You can post this avatar on facebook buy just pushing the facebook icon.
  13. Similarly, you can send this is a message to someone by pushing the message button.

You can follow the above mentioned steps and create your own awesome stickers and share them with your friends via various mediums like messaging, facebook, whatsapp etc. Bitmoji provides a lot of options to create your own avatar of various types and share it with your family and friends.  Download Bitmoji apk.

Steps to download and install Bitmoji apk in your Android device.

  1. Download Bitmoji apk in your android device.
  2. Open the apk and install it.
  3. Click on all the next/OK buttons when it prompts and give the required permission
  4. Once installed you will see the icon in the app explorer. Open it and have fun.

My review about Bitmoji app

Bitmoji app is really awesome. It is quite usefully in the world full of communication apps because stickers provide awesome way of expressing your feelings. You can create your own sticker yourself with the expression or feeling you want and share it in any social networking app. I really like this app and I highly recommend you to try this app. You can start it one you download bitmoji apk in your android device and install.

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